Friday, January 28, 2011


Download using 2 access point in using rcomwap and other using rcommms.other setting same.just make above 2 access point.which is available in nokia 5800. 1 from internet and other access point from wap. Enjoy Do this way 1st make two access point with same proxy server address and port i.e only difference in two access point is in 1 u make rcomwap and other rcommms In 5800 &other similar model there in connectivity- destination there is facility in option of default connection change that to always ask Now install ucweb 7.2 and ucweb7.4 In ucweb 7.2 start some download for which it will ask for connection point select it to rcomwap Ur download will start Now start ucweb 7.4 start some download and select access point as
rcommms ur download will start but through different access point.

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