Saturday, January 29, 2011

Want to increase Your Airtel broad band Speed To 2MBPs??

Though its not a hack but Airtel is the only service provider in India which is providing 2MBPS on demand, so I would like to share about this.
speed on demand airtel 300x69
Here is the trick to get 2 MBPS on Airtel broadband
#All you need is a Airtel Broadband connection.
Airtel no : User name
Account no: password
Now all you have to do   is
#Go to your modem/router
By typing
# Default user and pass= admin & password# Now there in the left bar click on WAN and then click on edit
beetal router settings screenshot 300x210
# Click on next until you get the following screen
Now in the username and password field enter the following:
3userpass www 84productions blogspot com
# PPP Username :
(Enter your username and password)
Now in the password field type the account no. or new password if you have changed.
Then save the settings and reboot.
Now how to get 2 MBPS speed??
I’m sure many of you are aware of speed on demand from Airtel.
Go to this page: CLICK HERE
And now enter your and password that you have entered in the router.
and click on 2MBPS and activate it.
Bingo! now you are using 2 MBPS Airtel connection!! icon smile
Do remember you will be charged as 120/hr.
Updated news is Tata launched the 100 MBPS internet connection in mumbai @ 10,500/month.
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Thanks for the very useful trick to improve our Airtel internet speed. It really worked for me. I checked the change in my internet connection speed by having an internet speed test from for free :-)

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Thank you for all of your hard work on this website

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