Saturday, January 29, 2011

Script to Remove Hide Or Block All Facebook Ads from Profile

To remove all facebook ads from yours profile you have to follow below Instruction
  • You must be firefox user ,If you don’t have firefox? [ Download free from here ]

  • After that Install Greasemonkey Script From [ Here ] Remember to restart firefox after downloading Greasemonkey script and then install the below script

  • Remove All Facebook Ads – This script was changed to remove ads upon DOM insertion in a similar fashion to New Facebook Layout Ad Killer, rather than using the previous method of waiting for the DOM to load before removing ads. Unlike ‘New Facebook Layout Ad Killer’, this script still uses XPath.
    Hide Facebook Ads – Hide “Facebook Flyer” adverts on Facebook left sidebar on homepage or profile page.
    NoFacebookAds - Removes Facebook flyer and network adverts, including ’social adverts’ such as the annoying Danish barber adverts.
    NoPirateQuestAds - Specific to PirateQuest ads, where it prevents any Facebook wall entries containing ads for “PirateQuest” from appearing.


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