Saturday, January 29, 2011

Add Invite Your Friends Box in Facebook Application or Fan Page

To add a Invite your friends box in facebook application you need to use below code ,Using below code you can allow your user to Invite there friends  to your applicationn or page

Code for Facebook Fan Page

<fb:request-form method="post" type="[your organization]" invite="true" content="Check out [your organization]
<fb:req-choice url='' ' label='GO' /> ">
<fb:multi-friend-selector actiontext="Tell your friends about [your organization]" rows="3" showborder="true" />

Code for Facebook Application Page

<div style="width:760px; min-height:530px; margin-left:-10px;">
<fb:serverFbml width="755px">
<script type="text/fbml">
action='<?php echo $canvasUrl; ?>'
type='<?php echo $inviteType; ?>'
content="<?php echo $inviteContent; ?>
<fb:req-choice url='<?php echo $canvasPage; ?>' label='<?php echo $inviateAcceptButtonLabel; ?>'/>"
<fb:multi-friend-selector showborder="false" actiontext="Select your friends." ></fb:multi-friend-selector>


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