Saturday, January 29, 2011

Can We Trace or View Who Viewed Our Facebook Fb Profile

There is no way to track who has viewed your profile, the website unfaced requires you to click a link and go back to their website.
You could make an app where you clicked a link and it tracked it without leaving the facebook profile, but it’s not realistic, because you can’t be sure that any user is going to click the link.
Think of it this way:
When you view a facebook profile, all the applications you see (and therefore including any trackers) are actually cache and static. They don’t run any code by default and therefore there is no way of logging profile views. Even images are cached.
The apps seen on the profile only do run code when a button is clicked, it is at this point we can track who has viewed the profile, but it also means that the user is only known if they want to make themselves known.


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