Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zuker Invitation! - A social network owned by YOU!

Special invitation review for you :

   Click here to Goto Invitation Page:: Zuker Invitation! - A social network owned by YOU!

Zurker is a new Social Network. Unlike Facebook and MySpace, Zurker is co-owned by it’s users. That’s right, YOU become the co-owner, YOU are the future stockholder of Zurker. By helping Zurker grow, you have the potential of helping your wallet grow(Earn lots of $ Money $ from the Profit of Zurker).

Zuker is a invite only .
 When you help a social network grow, such as Facebook, you help the founders and investors put money in their pockets. When Zurker grows, you gain to put money in YOUR pocket. At Zurker, You don’t just own your data, you own the network. Every Zurker user can very easily become a co-owner (future shareholder) of Zurker. you are a co-owner and an investor.

 Must Read : 

Zurker is totally free to join. I have included an invitation for you below, which you will need because Zurker is in it’s beta testing stage and won’t be available to the general public until April 2012…so if you want to join now, you need the Zurker invitation link I included. Imagine if you were given the opportunity to join Facebook when it was in it’s beta testing stage and were given 1 share in the company for every person you referred – all without investing any money!! Imagine what your share in the company would be worth now! Oh well, we can’t dwell on what could have been.

 We need to look to the future. Zurker is the future, and a new concept for a social network that is user driven, user based, and user owned, which gives it a lot of potential to rival social networks like Facebook. Zurker allows you to earn money while being socially connected. A free invitation to join and a free share in the company for every referred member, why would want not want to joinZurker?!You have nothing to lose, right? Why is this cool? You must be totally hooked and convinced. Here’s why: 1. Open and Responsive I posed lots of questions to the co-founders and I 


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