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Zurker Exclusive Giveaway !! Become Share Holder In a social networking site Earn $Money$ & Become a Shareholder for Free !!!

Zurker a new social networking site. Unlike Facebook and MySpace, users Zurker co - ownership. That's right, you think I Zuker and co - could become the owner, please let Zurker future. Zurker help to grow, you have the opportunity to help the growth of your own pocket. When you register as a social networking site Facebook, in order to grow, to help the founders and investors who put money in your pocket. If Zurker increased until the value of put your money in your pocket.

At Zurker, You don’t just own your data, you own the network. Every Zurker user can very easily become a co-owner (future shareholder) of Zurker. you are a co-owner and an investor.

Must Read :
Zurker is totally free to join. I have included an invitation for you below, which you will need because Zurker is in it’s beta testing stage and won’t be available to the general public until April 2012…so if you want to join now, you need the Zurker invitation link I included. Imagine if you were given the opportunity to join Facebook when it was in it’s beta testing stage and were given 1 share in the company for every person you referred – all without investing any money! Imagine what your share in the company would be worth now! Oh well, we can’t dwell on what could have been. We need to look to the future. 
Zurker is the future, and a new concept for a social network that is user driven, user based, and user owned, which gives it a lot of potential to rival social networks like Facebook. Zurker allows you to earn money while being socially connected.  A free invitation to join and a free share in the company for every referred member, why would want not want to join Zurker?! You have nothing to lose, right?

Why is this cool? You must be totally hooked and convinced. Here’s why:
1. Open and Responsive
I posed lots of questions to the co-founders and I was amazed by how quickly and openly they responded. They treated me as a friend and colleague and welcomed searching questions. This was a clincher for me. Imagine trying to ask Mark Z difficult questions about Facebook! By the way, the User ID’s of the co-founders are Cineman and Berzurker and once you have joined Zurker you can just post questions on their walls. I found that I got full answers within a few hours.

2. Owned By Its Members
I like the idea of social media owned by its members. It certainly beats the Facebook model.

3. Members Share In The Growth And Profits
The only investment needed is a little time. Time you might otherwise have wasted making the owners of Facebook or Twitter a little richer.

4. You Have Total Control Of Your Own Privacy
You control your privacy (for every update and photo you post) through the use of zurks, tags, street & home concepts. I guess I ought to explain a bit more. A “zurk” is a bit like a Facebook “like” but it’s better because it’s a more neutral word. For example it somehow seems inappropriate to “like” a post about someone dying but in Zurker you would “zurk” it to highlight it was a post worth sharing.
You can associate tags with your connections on Zurker. Tags could be “Friends”, “Family” or “Hubbers” or any tag you make up. Only you can see your tags, so you could tag someone as “time-waster” and they would never know (I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to use derogatory tags just yet).
Your “Street” page is where you can see all the updates posted by all you connections, but you can filter these by tag (see above). Your home page only shows updates that directly involve you and again you can filter by tag.

5. Open Books, Open Statistics, Open Bug-Reporting, Open Everything!
Zurker publishes online (via links at the bottom of every Zurker page) every cent that comes in and every cent that goes out. Membership figures and graphs are updated and displayed every hour. There is a link to report bugs and you can read any bug that has been reported and the developers’ responses.

6. Unique Features
Such as Zurks, Tags, Street/Home etc. see 3, above, for more details.

7. Democratic
Members will be able to control everything by voting.

8. Development Driven By Members’ Ideas
There will be an “Ideas” link where members will be able to suggest ideas and vote to select the best ideas.

9. Personal Identity and Business Identities Separate
Zurker will have a separate type of membership businesses known as “Entities”. You will know whether you are connecting with a real person or a business.

10. No Advertising And (Almost) No Spam
Zurker is advert free and has a very strict anti-spam policy.

11. Responsible, Bright, Creative and Positive Members
Because all of all that Zurker has to offer it is attractive to people that think for themselves.

12. Zurker Is Fun!
Zurker is a cool name to play with and we already have Zurker slang and culture.

In other words, business as usual. If you’re competing with Facebook, business as usual doesn’t cut the mustard. You’ll need something totally fresh – a brand new, innovative approach. This is why I’m keeping an eye on a brash new startup called Zurker. These guys received no funding at all from VC’s. All their funding comes from their members who invest small amounts, typically less than $100. In exchange, the members get equity in the form of “virtual shares” or vShares.
Members can also gain vShares by referring their friends to the project, and that is pretty clever. It seems to be a mixture between Facebook and Google + but with a unique selling point: it’s owned by its members! You earn shares in Zurker by referring members. You get 2 shares for each referral in the first 24 hours of your membership and one share per referral thereafter. There are separate Zurkers for each major country- so I’m a member of Zurker UK. You can also buy shares (in the UK they currently sell for £1 each). Each country has a limit of one million shares.
At Zurker you are rewarded for your referred sign-ups. With 
each referred sign-up you are rewarded Zurker 1 vShare. If you have at least 1 vShare, you have a stake in the company and are considered a co-owner of the company. You will want to refer people to Zurker and see the site succeed because the more vShares you have, the higher your investment in Zuker will be. Imagine if Facebook gave you 1 share for each member you signed up!
At Zurker the members are considered co-owners. Compared to advertising, vShares are a low-cost alternative for driving the growth of the user base and traffic. For Zurker it’s a risky move to give equity to its members but this is what is attracting so much attention, and what is going to make Zurker a success. How much of a success? Only time will tell.
What Is A vShare?      
A vShare, also known as a virtual share, is a stake in Zurker. One vShare is equivalent to ownership of 1/1,000,000 of Zurker. Currently, vShares are priced at $1.00. (whether you earned them free from referred sign-ups or you bought them with your hard earned cash). vShares entitle the you to own equity in Zurker, and shares in the future Zurker corporation. Zurker will be incorporated as a company when 1,000,000 vShares have been allocated. At that juncture, the value of a vShare should be about ten times as much, as successful startups with more than 500,000 users can easily gain a valuation of $5+ million. If Zurker were to continue to grow and attain a valuation of $50 billion like Facebook, each vShare would be worth $50,000. Of course, it’s unwise to assume that Zurker will attain the same level of valuation as the Facebook…. but anything is possible, especially when the owners are the users/members and have a vested stake in the company.
Bebo was sold to AOL for $800 million. At that level of valuation, each vShare would be worth $800. MySpace was sold for $580 million – about $580 per vShare.
The above estimates are based on capital gains. If Zurker were never to sell out – and a user base of owner-investors would probably oppose selling out to a large corporation – the value of vShares would be determined by the earnings of the company and the dividends paid quarterly. If Zurker earns a net profit of $100 million, then each vShare would entitle the owner to a pretax income of $100. If you own 10 vShares now, that would translate to an income of $1,000 per quarter.
While vShares are a form of ownership, they aren’t actual stock. vShares can be thought of as agreements between the owners of a startup about the size of their stake in the enterprise to be incorporated. vShares aren’t stock yet because Zurker isn’t a public company yet. When 1,000,000 vShares have been allocated, Zurker will be restructured as a public corporation and vShares will become real shares!
If Zurker succeeds, you the co-owner succeeds. What if Zurker doesn’t succeed and goes bankrupt? Then you will lose your shares, whether you received them free or purchased them. However, many people believe that Zurker is the next “big thing”, and that their concept of a user based, user driven and user owned networking site is a brilliant idea with the potential to rival some of the biggest networking sites on the internet.

My Personal Recommendation:
I would never have guessed that I would have the chance to own part of a social network that will overtake Facebook. Imagine if you had been offered the opportunity to own part of Facebook for zero cost, would you have seized the moment? You have a similar chance with Zurker right now. At the moment it’s in beta and membership is by invitation only, so here’s your invite:-
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Facebook, G +, Twitter does not give the shares to us, but Zurker will give the shares to you. Facebook, G+, Twitter is not pay, but Zurker will pay you.Zurker came out of private alpha testing on January 22, 2012. Even though Zurker is in beta, membership is steadily climbing. You still need an invite to get in, so . So don’t delay, please use my ZurkerInvitation Page  now!
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